Ocean Health

Work Package 6 “Ocean Health Demonstrator” (WP6) works with users in Aquaculture, Fisheries, Tourism, and Environmental Agencies to co-create products that help identify and foresee Extreme Marine Events (e.g. low pH or oxygen levels and marine heat waves), supporting adaptive management decisions.

Extreme marine events are threatening marine ecosystems, resources, food security and related businesses. WP6 demonstrates the value of ocean observing and forecasting at local to regional scales, developing downstream products and services to assess marine ecosystem health and provide early warnings for blue economy industries. WP6 facilitates science-stakeholder engagement focused on Atlantic Sargassum biohazard forecasting and monitoring and helps connect the Copernicus Marine Service and ICES communities to assess existing products.

WP6 will also integrate the EuroGOOS Baltic Operational Oceanographic System and the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) monitoring networks for a better operational oceanography system and enhanced environmental assessments in the Baltic Sea.